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The GEM demonstrator is realized with the SBB Markforged additive manufacturing technology, using the Onyx PA6 CF material.


Impression 3D CFF PA 6 polyamide 6
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Le démonstrateur GEM est réalisé avec la technologie de fabrication additive CFF Markforged, avec le matériau Onyx PA6 CF.

Impression 3D CFF PA 6
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Polyamide 6, 60% glass fiber reinforced, improved surface finish, for injection moulding.

Injection PA 6 polyamide 6
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Densified Polyamide 6 (PA6)

Injection grade

Density : 4.7

Good surface quality

Ease of implementation

Low warpage

High density Injection PA 6 polyamide 6
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Compound polyamide deep black piano black high gloss. Solution for replacing painted injection moulded parts. Economical solution with less environmental impact and no post-injection painting. 

Colouring Injection PA 6 polyamide 6, PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6