15006 Te/026 gems 11 janvier 2023 Gems /sites/default/files/styles/liste_recherche/public/2020-10/te026r_0.png?itok=htZG_GIR

Ce démonstrateur est thermoformé à partir d'une plaque composée de deux couches : une en ABS et une couche extérieure en PMMA qui permet d’obtenir des pièces d'aspect avec une très haute brillance

Coloration à effets Thermoformage épais ABS, PMMA
2174 I/769 gems 10 mars 2020 Gems /sites/default/files/styles/liste_recherche/public/2018-10/i769r.png?itok=0LvY7Toe

The light grey laser marking on a dark grey background reveals relevant contrasts for quality marking in this PA 66 fiberglass.

Special materials Laser marking, Injection PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6
463 I/715 gems 13 mars 2020 Gems /sites/default/files/styles/liste_recherche/public/gems/I715R.png?itok=uLR4nNTN

Antistatics are now permanent and can be coloured to order, with no risk of migration.

Electrical Conduction Injection ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
471 I/713 gems 10 mars 2020 Gems /sites/default/files/styles/liste_recherche/public/gems/I713R.png?itok=2epWUueH

For home automation and connected objects, TREFFERT has developed a black particularly adapted to infrared transmission, with the advantage of a low dosage for IR transparency alone, without diffus

Special materials Injection PC polycarbonate
470 I/712 gems 13 mars 2020 Gems /sites/default/files/styles/liste_recherche/public/gems/I712R.png?itok=5K3b5y7Z

Mastering the interaction of light and thermoplastics, TREFFERT knows how to make opaque looking materials diffuse by offering black diffusing compounds and masterbatches, laser/IR transparent, las

Special materials, Transparency Injection PC polycarbonate