19 novembre 2020

Ce démonstrateur est réalisé avec la matière Plastisoft® : un assemblage d'un thermoplastique type ABS avec un support moussé et un textile.

18 mars 2020

mPE M 6091 is a metallocene High Density Polyethylene primarily intended for food, beverage and cosmetics caps & closures applications.
mPE M 6091 key characteristics are :

HDPE polyethylene, high density
10 mars 2020

The replacement of metallic effects with plastic parts becomes possible thanks to the appropriate choice of pigment and colorant that make up Clariant masterbatches.

ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene
10 mars 2020

Nakanprene SMS 500 R115, from the company Résinoplast is a very flexible material:- Can be used in extrusion and injection- Very flexible, matt appearance, soft and non-slip (grip), 0 defects, good

PVC poly (vinyl chloride)
06 mars 2020

TC7MLZ from KRAIBURG TPE is a TPE-S.Properties: Hardness 69 Shore A Black with chemical adhesion by bi-injection on polar thermoplastics such as ABS, PC and PBT

ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, TPE thermoplastic elastomer