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SARLINK® 3140 is a low hardness, multi-purpose thermoplastic elastomer featuring excellent compression set and heat resistance.

Flexibility Bi-material injection PP/EPDM (blend), MDPE polyethylene, medium density
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OLNICA markers are white micrometric powders that emit a colour when illuminated with a specific radiation. They offer companies the assurance of being able to authenticate their products.

Special materials Bi-material injection PP/EPDM (blend)
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MAJ'ECO DEP290C is an elastomeric modified polypropylene with a natural filler that reduces the amount of conventional thermoplastic in the part.

Bio Composites Injection PP/EPDM (blend)
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Majoris DCC522 is a cycloolefin and offers an excellent level of transparency with high thermal stability and rigidity.

Transparency Injection COC Cycloolefin copolymer
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This possibility in bi-injection with two PP compounds with opposite properties allows to take advantage of the benefits of each grade including EE081 (PP with an impact modifier) with high impact

Bi-Material Adhesion, Flexibility Bi-material injection PP/EPDM (blend), PP polypropylene