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PC-COM PC415 is a medium flow general purpose polycarbonate grade with external GWT approval. Applications include electrical enclosures and lighting.

Colouring, Transparency Injection PC polycarbonate
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Greenflex MQ 40 is an ethylene vinyl acetate copolylmer (EVA) for injection moulding and compounding. 
Greenflex MQ 40 combines high fluidity and high elasiticity.

Colouring Injection EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate
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MVR (300 °C/1.2 kg) 19 cm³/10 min; general purpose; low viscosity; UV stabilized; easy release; injection molding - melt temperature 280 - 320 °C; available in transparent, translucent and opaque c

Colouring Injection PC polycarbonate
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Description :

Colouring Injection PC polycarbonate
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GEM metallized by the PVD sputtering process with application of a top coat for the protection of the part.

Colouring Metallisation ABS acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, PC polycarbonate