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MVR (300 °C/1.2 kg) 19 cm³/10 min; general purpose; low viscosity; easy release; injection molding melt temperature 280 - 320 °C; available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors

Bi-Material Adhesion Bi-material injection PC polycarbonate, TPU - Polyurethane
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The light grey laser marking on a dark grey background reveals relevant contrasts for quality marking in this PA 66 fiberglass.

Special materials Laser marking, Injection PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6
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Soft touch overmoulding technologies and materials have radically increased the design possibilities in the field of consumer and industrial products.

Bi-Material Adhesion, Flexibility Bi-material injection PC polycarbonate, TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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For home automation and connected objects, TREFFERT has developed a black particularly adapted to infrared transmission, with the advantage of a low dosage for IR transparency alone, without diffus

Special materials Injection PC polycarbonate
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Mastering the interaction of light and thermoplastics, TREFFERT knows how to make opaque looking materials diffuse by offering black diffusing compounds and masterbatches, laser/IR transparent, las

Special materials, Transparency Injection PC polycarbonate