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This GEM reference has been achieved with Roctool technology, which has improved surface quality compared to conventional technology, including the elimination of welding lines.


Recycling, Transparency Injection PC polycarbonate
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Cette référence de GEM a été réalisée avec la technologie Roctool qui a permis d’améliorer la qualité de surface, par rapport à la technologie conventionnelle, avec notamment l'élimination des lign

Recyclé, Transparence Injection PC
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PC-COM PC415 is a medium flow general purpose polycarbonate grade with external GWT approval. Applications include electrical enclosures and lighting.

Colouring, Transparency Injection PC polycarbonate
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The light grey laser marking on a dark grey background reveals relevant contrasts for quality marking in this PA 66 fiberglass.

Special materials Laser marking, Injection PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6
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For home automation and connected objects, TREFFERT has developed a black particularly adapted to infrared transmission, with the advantage of a low dosage for IR transparency alone, without diffus

Special materials Injection PC polycarbonate