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The GEM demonstrator is made with EnvisionTec SLA additive manufacturing technology using E-RigidForm resin material.


Stereolithography SLA Photopolymers
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Le démonstrateur GEM est réalisé avec la technologie de fabrication additive SLA EnvisionTec, avec le matériau en résine E-RigidForm.


Impression 3D SLA Photopolymères
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Description :
-Capa™ 6800 is a high molecular weight linear polyester derived from caprolactone monomer.
-The molecular weight is approximately 80,000.

Bio-sourced Injection PCL polycaprolactone
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ABSCOM® SF1350 from Polymer Compounders Ltd (PCL) is an ABS grade that combines good flowability and exceptional technical performance, used for injection moulding and can be coloured to your speci

Injection PCL polycaprolactone
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The GEM integrates a nano-structuring surface technology that allows the creation of very fine patterns and thus the fight against counterfeiting, either in a discreet and non-reproducible way, or

Transparency Injection MABS methyl methacrylate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene