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Le matériau de ce démonstrateur est un polyamide 6 renforcé par 30% de fibres de verre à partir de matériaux recyclés post-production, avec une rigidité et une résistance élevée.


Recyclé Injection PA 6
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The light grey laser marking on a dark grey background reveals relevant contrasts for quality marking in this PA 66 fiberglass.

Special materials Laser marking, Injection PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6
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he Therma-TechTM material TT9200-5007 X2 EI MID from PolyOne is a thermally conductive and electrically insulating Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

Special materials, Electrical Conduction Injection PPS poly (phenylene sulfide)
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The ability to design a circuit or antenna directly on a plastic injection molded part is a source of opportunity for electronics manufacturers.

Special materials LDS injection PA 6.6 polyamide 6.6
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OLNICA markers are white micrometric powders that emit a colour when illuminated with a specific radiation. They offer companies the assurance of being able to authenticate their products.

Special materials Injection PP polypropylene