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Noryl* FXN119BK is a low gloss PPE/HIPS grade. It provides a balance of mechanical properties and heat performance with intrinsic low gloss appreance. FXN119BKBK is available in black only.

Injection PPO/PS (blend)
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NORYL 731 is an unfilled material, with a Vicat B/120 of 140C according ISO 306. NORYL 731 is a general purpose material with good balance of Strength, Impact and Flow.

Injection PPO/PS (blend)
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PBT, polybutylene terephthalate is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic.

Injection PBT/PBT (blend)
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Résine polyester insaturée renforcée 30 % fibres de chanvre

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Bio Composites Moulage Injection basse pression RTM UP
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Resine polyester insaturée renforcée fibre de verre et âme balsa. 

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