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CirculenRenew PE LYONDELLBASELL is a polyethylene based on non-fossil renewable energies such as used cooking oils.

Recycling, Colouring Injection PP polypropylene
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La matière CirculenRenew PE LYONDELLBASELL est un polyéthylène à base d'énergies renouvelables non fossiles comme par exemple les huiles de cuissons usagées.

Recyclé, Coloration à effets Injection PP
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The reference DG330-3748 from Admajoris  is a 30% glass fiber reinforced PP made with 30% post-industrial recycled material.

Recycling Injection, Injection PP polypropylene
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The reference EGD300-5840 from Admajoris is a 30% glass-fiber reinforced PP made from 100% post-industrial recycled material used for formwork applications

Recycling Injection PP polypropylene
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The reference MAJ'ECO ETD300COQH/0,5 is a 100% recycled PP incorporating 30% mineral fillers from marine co-products (oyster shells)

Recycling, Bio Composites Injection PP polypropylene