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Ce démonstrateur est thermoformé à partir d'une plaque composée de deux couches : une en ABS et une couche extérieure en PMMA qui permet d’obtenir des pièces d'aspect avec une très haute brillance

Coloration à effets Thermoformage épais ABS, PMMA
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ACRYLITE® Satinice df light diffusing acrylic polymers meet the demanding requirements for the injection molding or extrusion of lighting products in residential, industrial, office and automotive

Injection PMMA poly (methyl methacrylate)
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KIBISAN® PN-107 is a Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) product. It is available in Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, or North America.

Flexibility Injection SB styrene butadiene
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Product Description : 

Colouring Injection PCTG Poly (cyclohexanedimethylene terephthalate) glycol
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It is now quite a long time that SBS based thermoplastic elastomers have become major products in the footwear industry.

Colouring Injection SBS butadiene styrene