18 mars 2020

mPE M 6091 is a metallocene High Density Polyethylene primarily intended for food, beverage and cosmetics caps & closures applications.
mPE M 6091 key characteristics are :

HDPE polyethylene, high density
10 mars 2020

Nakanprene SMS 500 R115, from the company Résinoplast is a very flexible material:- Can be used in extrusion and injection- Very flexible, matt appearance, soft and non-slip (grip), 0 defects, good

PVC poly (vinyl chloride)
05 mars 2020

The material TC7PAN of the company KRAIBURG TPE is a TPE-S.

Properties : Hardness 68 Shore A

Natural Shore with chemical adhesion by bi injection with PA 6 and PA 66

PA 6 polyamide 6, TPS - styrene
07 novembre 2018 ABS, TPS
07 novembre 2018 PMMA, TPS