19 avril 2020

Luran® S 778TE is an extrusion grade with enhanced heat resistance and best chemical resistance among the ASA grades.

SAN Styrene acrylonitrile, TPE thermoplastic elastomer
25 mars 2020

Clariant masterbatches follows the colour trends of different industries such as the personal care packaging sector where we offer solutions that meet consumer needs in terms of trend, colour and s

PP polypropylene
20 mars 2020

Description :

ABS/PC (blend), TPE thermoplastic elastomer
20 mars 2020

MVR (300 °C/1.2 kg) 19 cm³/10 min; general purpose; low viscosity; easy release; injection molding melt temperature 280 - 320 °C; available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors

PC polycarbonate, TPU - Polyurethane
18 mars 2020

mPE M 6091 is a metallocene High Density Polyethylene primarily intended for food, beverage and cosmetics caps & closures applications.
mPE M 6091 key characteristics are :

HDPE polyethylene, high density