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Ce TPE (TESI 817 60A) est conçu pour offrir un haut niveau d'adhésion à la majorité des polymères techniques tels que PC, ABS, PMMA, PA, .... ainsi que Durabio.

Bi-Matière, Transparence TPE
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Bi-Material Adhesion, Bio-sourced Injection TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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Le TPE (

Bi-Matière, Bio-sourcé Injection TPE
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Luran® S 778TE is an extrusion grade with enhanced heat resistance and best chemical resistance among the ASA grades.

Bi-Material Adhesion, Flexibility Bi-material injection SAN Styrene acrylonitrile, TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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Clariant masterbatches follows the colour trends of different industries such as the personal care packaging sector where we offer solutions that meet consumer needs in terms of trend, colour and s

Colouring, Bi-Material Adhesion Bi-material injection PP polypropylene