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-Ignition Resistant - UL94 "V0" rated.
-Excellent Flow Properties
-Free of DBDPO, PBDE & TBBA, complies with RoHS directive of EU

Special materials Injection PS polystyrene
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he Therma-TechTM material TT9200-5007 X2 EI MID from PolyOne is a thermally conductive and electrically insulating Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS).

Special materials, Electrical Conduction Injection PPS poly (phenylene sulfide)
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Nakanprene SMS 500 R115, from the company Résinoplast is a very flexible material:- Can be used in extrusion and injection- Very flexible, matt appearance, soft and non-slip (grip), 0 defects, good

Flexibility, Bi-Material Adhesion Injection PVC poly (vinyl chloride)
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The material TD7PSN from KRAIBURG TPE is a TPE-S.

Characteristics: Dual injection moulding.

Bi-Material Adhesion, Flexibility Bi-material injection PS polystyrene, TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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Polystyrene is a polymer from the styrenics family that offers excellent transparency coupled with a very competitive cost. It has medium mechanical properties making PS rigid and brittle.

Special materials Injection PS polystyrene