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MVR (300 °C/1.2 kg) 19 cm³/10 min; general purpose; low viscosity; easy release; injection molding melt temperature 280 - 320 °C; available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors

Bi-Material Adhesion Bi-material injection PC polycarbonate, TPU - Polyurethane
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Nakanprene SMS 500 R115, from the company Résinoplast is a very flexible material:- Can be used in extrusion and injection- Very flexible, matt appearance, soft and non-slip (grip), 0 defects, good

Flexibility, Bi-Material Adhesion Injection PVC poly (vinyl chloride)
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ABS/PC is an alloy of a polycarbonate and a styrene developed to improve certain properties of ABS such as impact resistance, rigidity or thermal resistance while maintaining the decorative ease an

Bi-Material Adhesion Bi-material injection ABS/PC (blend), TPU - Polyurethane
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The material TC7PAN of the company KRAIBURG TPE is a TPE-S.

Properties : Hardness 68 Shore A

Natural Shore with chemical adhesion by bi injection with PA 6 and PA 66

Flexibility, Bi-Material Adhesion Bi-material injection PA 6 polyamide 6, TPS - styrene
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La matière TC7PAN de la société KRAIBURG TPE est un TPE-S.

Propriétés : Dureté 68 Shore A

Naturel avec adhésion chimique par bi injection avec PA 6 et PA 66

Souplesse, Bi-Matière Injection bi matière PA 6, TPS