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CETAL DN017 - 7977 GRIS METAL is a colored, UV stabilized polyoxymethylene for injection molding.  

Colouring Injection POM Polyoxymethylene
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Description :
An extremely easy-flowing grade for injection molding of thin walled precision parts. It has improved on thermal stability

Injection POM Polyoxymethylene
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PolyOne's LubriOneTM ATC-000/20T UV material is a polyacetal with internal lubrication and UV stabilization.

Injection POM Polyoxymethylene
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The material TC7HBZ of the company KRAIBURG TPE is a TPE-S.

Characteristics: Dual injection moulding.

Bi-Material Adhesion, Flexibility Bi-material injection POM Polyoxymethylene, TPE thermoplastic elastomer
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La matière TC7HBZ de la société KRAIBURG TPE est un TPE-S.

Caractéristiques : Moulage par bi injection.

Propriétés :


Bi-Matière, Souplesse Injection bi matière POM, TPE